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  • Search Engine Optimization represents a rapidly changing opportunity to reach your customers. Strategic experience, technical expertise, and content development skills are needed to keep up and succeed.
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  • Understand the difference between Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Advertising.
  • Know where to spend Marketing time wisely, and how to realistically measure return on investment.
  • Take advantage of Social Media’s rapidly improving PPC offerings and ever-expanding demographic targeting capabilities.

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Providing Digital Marketing Services Since 2006.

For an internet marketer, Canada is a great place to do business. A young and rapidly growing country,  Canada boasts a rich cultural diversity, broad economic base, and a world-class pool of talented software developers and other tech workers. Before starting Vision Accomplished in 2006, Peter Thistle had the great pleasure of working for several companies in Vancouver’s tech sector: Honeywell Information Systems, Escom Software, Net Nanny Software, Chalk Media, and Rhino Marketing.

Capture Online Customer Intent: Reach Your Audience at the Right Time With the Right Information.

The promise of search marketing is to reach customers with your message WHEN they’re looking for it. Old school interruptive advertising is based on somehow attracting general attention and then interrupting with a commercial message. Inbound search marketing is much more focused, treating your customers time and your own advertising investment more carefully. Communication with your customer happens when the time is right, when they’re demonstrating an active interest in what you offer. It’s all about them, about serving them when they express a need.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors to Customers.

Improve website business performance. Ensure your site is working to it’s maximum potential, delivering the results it was designed to deliver. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO, is about converting web visitors to leads and sales at the highest rate possible. It’s about speaking clearly to your site visitors, letting them know they’ve arrived at the right place, that your site will provide the information they’re looking for, answer questions, and solve problems. A fact-based metrics driven approach using A/B testing can allow for informed decision-making, resulting in conversion rate improvement.

Strategy, Planning, and Goal Setting.

For success in designing, managing, and assessing digital marketing initiatives, it’s vital to set goals. In planning, scheduling, and allocating resource, start by defining broad purpose and direction. To manage accountably, define specific goals connected to purpose. Campaigns may be categorized as branding, lead generation, or direct sales. Branding or raising awareness may be measured by volume of brand name searches or amount of content consumption. The generation of inbound leads may be seen in numbers of web form applications, email requests for information, or in numbers of inbound phone calls. Sales transactions on e-commerce platforms are easy to measure returning items such as customer characteristics, product information, order quantities, time of transaction, and dollar values.

Marketing Strategies, Web Analytics, and Accountability

Vision Accomplished has been creating customized web analytics reporting frameworks for clients since 2006. Web analytics is a critical element in providing accountable digital marketing services..