Ten Years PPC Experience. Transparent, Accountable.

“Get More For Your Advertising Spend:
Drive Traffic and Sales.”

Google AdWords PPC Campaign Strategy, Design, and Management.

Ten years providing PPC Management services to clients in Canada, the United States, and Internationally.

Get more for your advertising spend. Improve campaign cash efficiency. Drive more website clicks. Improve sales and Return On Investment.

Hire someone who is transparent, accountable, and easy to work with!

  Peter Thistle

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Pay Per Click Management: What To Expect

  • Understanding Your Business
  • Keyword Research and Key Concept Development
  • Competition Research
  • Campaign Design and Set Up
  • Ad Design
  • Conversion Optimized Landing Page Design
  • Attentive Performance Monitoring
  • Coordination with Website Search Engine Optimization
  • Metrics Analysis To Reveal Ongoing Opportunities for Increased ROI
  • Regular Performance and Results Reporting
  • Phone Availability!


The Digital Advertising Strategy: What’s the Rationale, Why Pay For Visibility ?

Speed. AdWords gets you on page one immediately.

Relevance. Targeted advertising with AdWords captures user intent which is the key difference between search advertising and traditional interruptive advertising. Ads show only to those who demonstrate interest, and when they do it.

Pay only for results. Pay Per Click! You can chose to pay only when someone clicks an ad, not merely when an ad has been displayed.

Precise control over advertising budget, geography, and time. You chose how much to spend, where, and when.

Support your SEO campaign. Google Search not longer provides complete keyword information for regular organic, SEO-driven web traffic while AdWords delivers exact information about which keywords searchers are using.

Get traction in the marketplace. Paid advertising can be used to “prime the pump”, to bring your website and business to your market’s attention. Once they know about you, they start coming back directly or by using regular unpaid search.

Get smarter faster: with paid advertising you can more quickly experiment, gain business intelligence, and improve results.

AdWords PPC is the digital advertising gold standard. It’s the largest, most sophisticated digital advertising platform available, something to measure all other advertising channels against.

However: in your business, for certain types of products or services, in some markets at some times, other search engines like Bing and Yahoo can help expand reach. Facebook, Linkedin, or other social media ad channels can increase reach, and may be more cost-efficient.

Many websites also offer their own advertising inventory for sale directly. These may be very large publishers or specialty niche players, and may be excellent additions to the right marketing mix.

It’s worth finding out what works best.

Vision Accomplished will do the research and run the experiments to determine the best online advertising mix for you.