Social Media may be more Practical than you think… but let’s talk about it, you need a strategy!

“Social Media Marketing” is an umbrella term. It means a lot of different things.

Want to find out what value Social Media might have for you?

Are you concerned about wasting effort on busywork?

Wondering what part of social makes sense for your business?

Concerned about making good use of time and resources?

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Why call Vision Accomplished?

Why Do Social Media Marketing?

In business, people want to know who you are. Social Media provides an unprecedented opportunity for you to show them and critically, for others to tell them!

In Social, communication, engagement and connection can happen at an individual level. You can speak directly with the people who matter to your business.

Unlike traditional advertising channels, it’s possible in Social to gather unmediated instantaneous market feedback.

Support your SEO campaign. Social accounts allow you to broaden your digital footprint with company pages, and to provide multiple paths for visitors back to your website. An active social presence can contribute to your subject matter authority and general online trust.

Important to the field of Social Media marketing is the concept of third party validation. Opportunities range from gathering Linkedin credits to Yelp restaurant reviews.

Social websites are becoming effective paid advertising platforms. Specializing in detailed demographic targeting, Facebook is the other big digital advertising player along with Google Adwords. Linkedin, recently purchased by Microsoft, is very focused on recruitment advertising and business-oriented networking.

What’s a simple Facebook Like worth? Probably not much to a business.

Consider how little effort it takes for a person to click a like button, or even why they might do it at all. Does that really relate to your business goals? Are these clicks coming from prospective customers?

In Social Media it’s especially important to strike a balance between time and quality. You can’t spend all day on social media sites, and you also can’t delegate 100% of Social to someone else while maintaining any reasonable degree of authenticity.

You need to work with someone who will understand what you’re doing, will focus only on what matters, and who can faithfully and accurately represent you online.

Vision Accomplished can work with you, and do the research to determine the what will be productive for your organization in Social Media Marketing.