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Unless you have a relative in the internet marketing business, it can be very difficult to shop for and manage SEO services.

It’s the most often quoted reason for why businesses don’t do SEO. How do I find the right person? How can I tell if my SEO “expert” knows what they’re doing? How can I determine how well my project is going before it all finally works?

Look for a search engine optimizer who will first seek to understand what makes your business tick.

Find someone with a business background, interested in goal setting and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to your business objectives to help guide strategy and execution, and to make project accountability possible.

Find someone with SEO agency experience.

Has your prospective SEO had benefit of working in a large agency setting? A big agency background can provide experience working on big projects, and in a variety of different SEO markets. Successful agency work demonstrates an ability to perform as a team member whose contribution is valued by other marketing professionals.

Ensure you can talk to the person who will work on your project.

Can you easily reach them on the phone. Are they interested in meeting with you as often as necessary? Can you communicate: do you understand each other?

Be wary of ‘guarantees’.

The only company that decides where you rank is Google. No one else has that under their direct control. instead of guarantees, look for credible assurances of capability, expertise, and dedication to your project.

Be careful of glib promises in general. In any normally competitive business sector SEO is not easy, no matter what anyone tells you.

Shop for a contract length that makes sense.

Too short, and you may be dealing with someone who either doesn’t understand the challenge, or isn’t really committed to the outcome. Too long, and you may be dealing with someone unsure of their ability to retain you as a client.

Forget tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

These certainly did exist in the past, but do not represent a sustainable way forward for legitimate businesses today. Using the old tricks may now, in fact, cost you dearly. Google will catch up with you, and they’re catching up faster all the time.

Do not engage in any SEO plan for your company that fails to take in account realistic time and money requirements.

It is all too easy to start an internet marketing project without sufficient budget to finish it and get to results. Estimating can be quite difficult, but work with someone who will make an effort to figure out what it will really take to succeed while honestly acknowledging the uncertainty. Partial success in SEO can mean no business success at all, getting close doesn’t count. You need to reach the tipping point where the balance tilts in your favour.

Do not even think about buying links or hiring a search engine marketer who you suspect may do it without telling you.

Buying links at volume is a very old trick, and now a path to SEO disaster where Google will kick you out of their system entirely. Instead of ranking on Page 1, you’ll be ranking on Page Nowhere, and paying someone else to clean up the mess.

Beware any search engine marketing company pretending to ‘secret’ knowledge, or use of mysterious ‘special tools’.

SEO may be an obscure process to the general buying public, similar to auto maintenance, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a generally available body of knowledge and community of people specializing in the practice. As the search industry matures, SEO is increasingly about strategy and accountably getting the work done, not using secret shortcuts or magic tools.

Carefully assess one size fits all packages or ‘best practices’ solutions.

For low-competition business environments, packaged solutions might work fine, but beyond the basics your business situation is unique and needs custom attention from a well-rounded professional.

Can your SEO expert tell real life stories in response to questions, while remaining discrete about other clients’ businesses?

Are they able to speak from their own practice? An experienced SEO has likely signed many Non Disclosure Agreements in their working lives and so should be guarded about specific information, while being able to speak generally about problems and solutions. They may properly speak in percentages or say something like “I worked for a legal firm” without naming the firm or mentioning any other identifying characteristics such as individuals names.

Can your SEO expert provide you with a list of names and numbers to call for personal references?

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Why call Vision Accomplished?

Understanding Your Business. Your business situation is unique. First, I seek to understand the Big Picture.

  • Competitor Research. I assess the competitive environment from an online point of view. Who competes for business. Who competes for keywords. What is their online capability. How are they succeeding. What are their vulnerabilities.
  • Practical Keyword Research. What keywords matter. What topics are relevant. How do we best design and develop web content for your audience.
  • Link Profile Management. Links remain hugely important. Today, quality counts more than quantity. And, there are some links you don’t want. What are the characteristics of your link profile, where are your best opportunities for growth.
  • Site Design. Design and layout affect Conversion Rates, how many visitors convert to requesting contact, downloading a white paper, or making a purchase. Work toward optimal conversion rates performing A/B testing, copy variation, web form design and image testing.
  • Website Content Planning and Development. Along with linking, your website content will have the biggest impact on ratings success. Plan for and create content that matters to your searchers!
  • Independent Site Updates. Vision Accomplished can perform day to day content and technical updates  directly without waiting in your IT or web development queue.
  • Technical SEO. Taking advantage of all best practices and advanced techniques, while not making any harmful mistakes. Technical SEO can make or break the your project.
  • Web Analytics Customization. Business focused reporting using tools such as Google Analytics report customization, YouTube API scripting, and interconnection with marketing automation tools.
  • Campaign Planning, Performance Monitoring, Management, and Reporting. Strategic planning, tactical execution, results measurement, and ongoing adjustments means accountability and positive outcomes!
  • Improvement Recommendations. Every month presents new opportunities to make specific improvements. An SEO expert will surface and act on these opportunities.
  • Easy Phone Availability. I pick up the phone!

If you don’t already have a website, or if you’re redesigning your current site, baking in SEO during the design stage is great idea. It’s more cost-effective to do things correctly from the start than to retro-fit later.

The keyword and market research needed to perform site optimization can be applied during the build project to a site’s information architecture, and user experience design (UX).

The content created, and how it’s organized conceptually, will have a strong impact on your sites’ ability to attract the right web traffic.

Once visitors are on-site, the user interface or user experience is critical to how readily site visitors convert to customers.

Vision Accomplished can design and build your website from scratch, or I can work with your web developer as a trusted team member helping prepare for the strongest possible site launch.
In business terms, Search Engine Optimization is about Lead Generation.

SEO is internet search-based inbound marketing.  Google and other search engines capture searchers’ interests and offer them answers, solutions, and information. Your opportunity is to give Google what it needs to perform this service. Google’s searchers get answers they’re looking for, Google can run paid advertising, and you can get attention for your website from people interested in what your business does. Everybody’s happy!

SEO is a service aimed at optimizing websites and other digital assets specifically for the engines and how they work. SEO makes it easier for the engines to find and process online material relevant to the people they consider to be their customers: searchers. If you can help them provide great answers, the engines will help you by providing higher search results page rankings.

SEO And PPC Together.

The two main inbound marketing strategies are Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising such as AdWords. Optimizing a great website or investing in paid ads can both return business results. Most effectively, they may be done together, and by the same service provider. The research and business understanding necessary to succeed in SEO is also necessary to PPC. The investment in keyword and competitor research needed for SEO is very similar to the investment needed to run successful PPC campaigns.

SEO is not Search Engine Manipulation!

Perhaps in the distant past but no longer. The old days of gaming the system to get simple keyword rankings are gone, and that’s very good thing for everyone concerned. Search results, the answers searchers receive, are better now than ever. The types of business’s searchers are being connected with are on average more consistently better. It’s all about quality vs quantity, and everybody legitimate wins. Search engine users get better real answers, and web site owners get better quality website visitors in terms of their interest in the business.

Are we talking about Something Extremely Obscure?

Well, yes and no. It’s speculated that there is no single software engineer, even at Google, who knows everything there is to know about web pages and how Google assesses them. On the other hand, we do know the foundation of great search optimization is a great website which represents you well, serves a purpose, solves a problem, and answers questions for your audience.

Google serves over 3 billion search requests every day.

Some of the people running these searches are relevant to you and your competitors’ businesses. Search engine optimization is the art and science of capturing their attention for you.

For more in-depth research on this topic, Search Engine Land has an excellent overview and resource listing.

SEL’s Periodic Table of SEO Success offers a great conceptual framework for understanding SEO.

Business must aim for ‘winning google’ first. Google is the biggest general search engine. Google also does Local Search, Image Search, Voice Search, Maps, and News.

There’s a lot going on in the Google universe but there is much more.

YouTube is a unique service. It’s the second biggest search engine. Video advertising and placing your own videos where they can be found by your audience can significantly enhance your digital advertising mix.

Microsoft’s Bing continues growing in importance. Bing powers much of Yahoo’s search function. Between them, they account for 33% of the search market. Optimizing for Bing is great secondary tactic.

Social networds such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram are search and advertising engines operating within their own domains.

Internationally, the story can be very different. China, for example, is served by platforms such as Baidu.

Vision Accomplished can strategize, plan, and execute an optimal search engine optimization campaign for your business.